Reflection Shadow

Reflection Shadow

Reflection Shadow produces the same feeling like the original mirror or glass produces. Reflection shadow is a graphic outcome that gives the illusion of shadows or mock shadow from lighting and gives a 3D effect to the object. Reflections are like the drop shadows. Reflection Shadow gives images look attractive and perfect attention than normal ones. The smoothie look what Reflection Shadow creates can boost any image ready for advertise or present.

Clipping path and mirror effect has also known as clipping path and reflection service. Reflection means, we are making a shadow of the same image. So reflection mode of its actual form is called clipping path and mirror effect. At first we draw a clear path of your images. Then Clipping Path Experienced (CPE)  have to apply this mirror effect on it. Mirror effect or reflection creates an impression of same product’s nature.

To apply this mirror effect or reflection in images will get a solidity and depth that comes with its relationship to other surfaces. It also gives images a natural look. We can make the appropriate reflection for our customers. It is a unique technique to provide a fresh and natural look to your images. Your images will also look glassy and clear with the platform. Photoshop is the most famous software for making those reflection or mirror effect to your images. Are you interested to apply clipping path and mirror effect to your images? Clipping Path Experienced (CPE) can easily help you to make this effect on your picture. In this way your image prevail the essence of the real image as mirror from of reflection shadow or an original glass.


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