Image Masking

Image Masking

About Image Masking:

 Image Masking is a method, we are using the method on an image where there is no scope to use clipping path. Image masking is done after finishing clipping path service. Clipping Path Experienced have expert designers who work attentively to create Image Masking with perfectly to satisfy the clients. Sometimes, clipping path cannot be effective to hold every details of an image to put a mask on. But, image masking is an excellent tool which retains every complicated details of an image providing better method and tools. Image masking is often used for hair and fur masking. These are the complicated works to do.



Judgments: Masking images can blow your company. So, We change to clipping path as easily as though they had their own in-house design studio. We have been working the updated image masking services for many years with great skill.  We understand that a chain is only as strong as expert designers work on hair, fur and skin masking with the best quality. Our image masking designers are always ready to provide several kind of image masking services like Regular Masking, Color Masking, Channel Masking, Layer Masking, Alpha Channel Masking and so on.


Responsibility: An image with acute edge where background color is same as the color on the object and are very complicated.


About Complex image:

 Different types of image need different treatment to get the maximum result. Background Eraser Tool makes real work, but there is not to be the proper way. CPE (clipping path Experienced) always makes to ready for several techniques from color separation and channel mask to generally erasing the last undesirable bits where needs.



Creating blurred and sharp edge:


Blur or fuzzy type of image with the edge will also have some portions with very accurate edges of the images. such as, a full body photo of a object or some particles will have obscure edge around hair but the small amount of the model may have keen edges so to gain a perfect result of this, then removing the background from an image or picture like this, we start by drawing a clipping path for the areas with keen edge and then use the most up-to-date masking technique which makes an image a perfect cut out for both fuzzy and sharp of  parts.


CPE(clipping path experienced) has many good result of it's own for creating image masking. we do various kinds of techniques for masking  of an image with great care. s


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