Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation


Clipping Path Experienced (CPE)Image Manipulation is a process to manipulate the part of image or the change of whole image using Photoshop by expert hands.  To manipulate cloths or dress, the process involves taking one part of an image then placing it into another, made to carefully blend well in the image. For instance, clothing or dress seems to be worn by an invisible mannequin, which contours to an attractive form perfect for catalogues. Our first image manipulation service goes beyond ghost mannequin edits and product presentations, but we can provide background replacement, adjust and match images, add or remove objects, and more. Led by best levels of activity and inspiration, our expert hands recreate images, if needed to give the picture a complete look. They also can provide different categories manipulation services on the basis of our clients need.



Image manipulation transforms or transforms a picture in a professional manner, where using Photoshop, experts use one or more images in a new unique picture. Manipulating of an image is not so much about a perfect technique as it is about the intentions of showing certain strains in a photo – often special care of a product.



 Image Manipulation services are used in different ways. Such as:




Neck joint manipulation:


When we want to show a polo-shirt as it is worn without showing a mannequin we usually use neck joint manipulation in this situation. After all, use of the neck joint is somewhat misleading as the manipulation might as well involve trousers, hats or any other object worn by a mannequin. As a result, the product is naturally seen that it appears that it is invisible by an invisible person, but we will see within the products where the manicu- ent covers the scene.




Colour variation manipulation:


When we want to show the colour variations are available for a product we may use colour manipulation whereby we use one photo of the product and one photo of each of the colours. The result of doing it this way is that the product besides the colour is fully identical, which is not achievable by natural photography. The result of colour variation manipulation is actually great online where a client will click the several colour variations.


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